The Apps of the TheTantricDruid shows a spark of information about spiritual paths and knit them into an App. Not at all this Apps are able to substitute the reading of relevant books. If you get a taste of something here and you want to dive deeper into this topic, it is by consulting relevant literature and workshops.

The Medicine Wheel is a tool, to get a deeper understanding for ourselves and to get in contact with our inner source and our inner force. We get access to




May these Apps help us to navigate through ourselves. May it help us to navigate, if we want to explore corners of our unknown landscape. 


There are many ways to dive into a worldview of a natural spirituality. Here are shown some. May they help us, to get in contact with a kind of thinking and understanding, that is close to nature. A thinking, to change our kapitalistic normality into an natural healthy state of being. In contact with ourselfes and in contact with all the nature of creation. We are beautiful natrural beings. May this APPs give us a taste of what we can explore as such.
I wish a brisk interest, so we want to continue our work here.
Get a first taste of it, through our first launch:  "The Four Directions“.

love, peace and pleasure  

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We´re working on it and looking forward for your feedback. What you are interested in most ?

TheTantricDruid brings a wide wisdom into your pocket.
So you can take a look at it everywhere. For study, for meditation, for happiness.
May this tool supports you in finding answers for your deepest questions.


The Runes

Wheel Of Consent


Power Animals

LoveSchool & Sexual Education

LoveSchool & Sexual Education

Four Directions

what our customers say about our work.

“I am grateful for this modern tool/gateway to an holistic worldview. Thanks for the courage to name tabus and for the respectful approach of delicate topics.”

“I am looking forward for more apps from TheTantricDruid. May they be woven together in one app one day. Until then, I am happy to start with the first app “The Four Directions”. It will accompany me, wherever I go.”